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1.) Floor Supervisor

Floor Supervisor

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Checks all the vacant rooms and the corridors of his/her floors daily in the morning.
Carries out on the job training and is responsible for grooming and conduct standards of the
Room Attendants on his/her assigned floors.
Keeps updated records of furniture movement, cleaning schedules and surveys of his/her section.
Inspects weekly, once a 15 days monthly deep cleaning process for his/her own floors.
Checks maid trolleys, equipments/ machines, floor pantries, guest corridors and back of the house areas in guest floors during and after the day or evening shift finishes.
Reports each guest requests to the office coordinator as a trace by using preferance forms.
Participates in monthly linen inventory forms and reports properly.
Answers all guest questions / requests in a friendly and caring manner, takes appropriate actions or if needed, refers the matters to the relevant persons to handle..
To ensure that all potential and real hazards are reported and rectified immediately.
Inspects all occupied and non-occupied guest rooms and takes corrective measures in order to meet MOBOD standards in terms of cleanliness, maintenance and supplies.
Also checks that housekeeping equipments are given proper care and maintenance whilst being used.At least 2 years practical experience in similar position for a luxury property
Adheres to, supports and carries out the strategic Company’s vision and values
Superior Employee Skills
Displays high commitment to improving customer services
Committed to developing colleagues
Ability to motivate team and build morale
Ability to anticipate and assess issues, risks and opportunities and develop new approaches
Accepts responsibility and accountability
Ability to converse in Turkish language
Prior experience in a renovation or pre-opening luxury hotel environment

Çalışma Yeri : Muğla


İlan : Floor Supervisor

Tarih : 2019-01-03

Başvuru : Başvur

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