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1.) Electrical Chief

Electrical Chief

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As Kayı-Salini-Samsung Joint Venture we are searching  Electrical Chief to be recruited for our ongoing Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus Project with the following qualifications and job descriptions.

  • Graduated from the Electrical Engineering departments of faculties.
  • Having at least 10 years of  experience in the qualified superstructure project’s electrical installation.(Preferably hospital project)
  • Being assigned in the similar positions in the qualified superstructure projects.
  • Must have proficiency with Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Outlook).
  • Having the skills to manage subcontractor and the team.
  • Experienced in production, installation, testing and commissioning.
  • Strong work ethic and desire to work in a team oriented.
  • Good command of written and spoken English.
  • No military obligation for male candidates.
  • Having planning and organizational skills.
  • Having analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Being able to adapt to intensive work program and flexible working hours.
  • Being competent in reporting and presentation.


  • Being able to ensure the coordination between subcontractor and employer.
  • Being able to provide necessary planning, organization and coordination for the implementation of the projects.
  • Preparation and monitoring of electrical work program.
  • Having comprehensive knowledge of specifications, regulations and subcontracting contract.
  • Controlling of construction methods and preparation when it is necesssary.
  • Being able to check and monitor of material approvals.
  • To follow up the supply time of materials and equipments in accordance with work schedule.
  • To get the productions made in accordance with standards.
  • To ensure the coordination between the other disciplines and departments.
  • Preparation and controlling of quantity survey.

Çalışma Yeri : Gaziantep


İlan : Proje Taahhüt, Yapı, İnşaat

Tarih : 2018-12-27

Başvuru : Başvur

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